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Electronic Dance Rock

My music is entirely electronic, it’s made for you to dance to, and heavily influenced by rock. I publish finger drumming and tutorial videos on my YouTube channel.

I create finger drumming
live performance videos.

SWONIC Finger Drumming Videos

My finger drumming live performances are covers as well as originals. Usually, all videos are recorded live in one take. Because of my production process, I have limited options to edit the recordings. Therefore, my tracks are unpolished and remain authentic!

My live performance setup
evolves around ROLI BLOCKS.

Presently, ROLI BLOCKS have become the centerpiece of my setup. I use several Lightpad Blocks with custom scripts loaded. But I also use additional Control and Seaboard Blocks. Since ROLI BLOCKS are just MIDI controllers, my hardware setup features other important parts: Currently I use an Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch computer and an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interface.

The heart of my software setup is a custom Apple MainStage template. It connects my hardware controls to software effects, loopers and instruments. In particular, I use MPE compatible software instruments by ROLI (Equator) and FXPansion (Cypher and Strobe).

Check out my latest
videos on YouTube.

Make sure to check out my latest finger drumming videos on my YouTube channel. Also, if you like my art: please subscribe and tell me what you think. Iโ€™ll be happy to connect with you!



SWONIC Dynamic Controls app for ROLI Lightpad Block

SWONIC Background Music for SWOKI